Shawn Ram

Shawn is the Grief Dreams Podcast Co-Facilitator and podcast editor/producer. He also runs the @thegriefdreamspodcast Instagram page.

To contact Shawn for questions or interest in being on the podcast please email: griefdreamspodcast@gmail.com.

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Jade Karling Black

Jade holds a Master’s degree in Criminology (Gender & Addiction), as well as a Life Skills Coaching diploma. She is the Grief Dreams Newsletter Editor, guest co-host for the Grief Dreams Podcast, and researcher who assisted on two academic articles on Grief Dreams.

Additionally, she is an author and blogger. One book of hers that I (Joshua) find inspirational is titled "Quiet Mind, Open Heart". It can be purchased on Amazon. Here is a video interview of her talking about her journey (episode 148 - Vancouver Real).

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Deborah Stapleford  

Deborah is the Co-Writer and Illustrator of the Children's Book titled "Dreaming of Owl". She also wrote and illustrated "Remembering Owl". Additionally, she helps the bereaved and the dying explore their emotions through art therapy. All of her artwork is done through finger painting.