My name is Joshua Black and my research interest is in the area of grief dreams, with a special focus on dreams of the deceased. I am one of the leading researchers in this field, which I still find shocking. The issue is that no one has really focused their research career on the topic, and because of that it has been unexplored. I first investigated this area while in my Master’s of Arts program at Trent University.  My thesis examined themes and personal meaning on dreams of the deceased. I am currently in the PhD program (Psychology) at Brock University continuing to investigate grief dreams (will be done Fall 2018). I have published scientific literature in this area and for the last 8 years provided one-on-one and group support to the bereaved. I continue to spread knowledge about this area through talks and workshops (to the bereaved and those who work with them). Additionally, I was the chairman and host of the Children's Grief Awareness Event held at Brock University in 2016 and 2017.  

I hope the information found here can assist the bereaved by normalizing their experience and reduce any isolation they may feel. In addition, I hope that those who assist the bereaved can reduce the biases associated with dreams and explore the healing that can be found within these experiences.


My father passed away suddenly and 3 months later I had my first dream. It had a different feeling than my other dreams. We were together in my room and I had the chance to say good-bye. I told him that I loved him and would miss him. It was short, but when I woke up I felt something had changed within me. I continued to have dreams every 3 or 4 months after that, which were very comforting. Shortly after, I began providing one-on-one bereavement support and the topic of dreams was common. People had questions regarding their dreaming and I was unable to find answers. What I found is that bereavement research has overlooked the topic of dreams, and therefore there is little understanding about them. This is when I decided I needed to go back to school and research the topic.


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